It begins

This is, my name is Jeff, and this year we’re going to do some incredible things. On January 8th, I started streaming my programming sessions live on There’s a link to my channel in the left bar.

Here’s a rough list of what I’ll be producing this year:

  • Daily programming Q&A videos on YouTube. Send me your questions via email or on Twitter!

  • “Let’s make an arcade game in MS-DOS” video series, which will be hosted here and on YouTube. One new video each Friday for a year taking you from absolute beginninger to a completed arcade game running in DosBox written in 100% x86 assembly language. It’s going to be a blast!

  • Watch my programming stream on! This is where the sausage is made, daily.

  • Later in the year I will begin production on “Let’s make a REAL arcade coin-op!”. This will be a weekly video for one whole year that takes you from absolute beginner in digital electronics all the way to a complete arcade system. We’ll use suitably old-school CPUs and implement the same game we write in MS-DOS for this system.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to program, why not pair program with me? I guarantee it’ll be nothing if not entertaining.

Happy New Year! Jeff

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