About nybbles.io

Welcome to nybbles.io! My name is Jeff and I’m your host here. If you’d like to learn more about me, you can visit my personal site.

I’ve been programming for right around 30 years now. Maybe it’s my nostalgia, but I feel like those of us who “grew up” with computers – where none had existed before – had both a blessing and a curse. Our curse was the dearth of information and the complexity in not knowing what you didn’t know. However, we also didn’t have the demands of the 21st century world forcing us to create massive Layers of Doom, complicating our learning endeavours.

I learned to program the machine, and I think that’s sorely missing today. My goal with the nybbles project is to reintroduce some of these concepts using educational video series and my daily programming stream. Extreme Programming popularized pair programming and, if I’m honest, I’ve never been a huge fan. However, with the wonders of live video streaming, you can be my virtual pairing partner every weekday as I work on various programming projects.

I’m also going to be producing daily Q&A videos for YouTube. Having a question about programming? Electrical engineering? The existential agnst of live itself? Shoot me an email or a tweet.

Happy programming!

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